Report Data


Returns stats according to specified filters, dimensions and metrics. Each query requires date filter and at least one metric and dimension. You may also supply additional query parameters to refine your query, such as filters.



In order to authorise into our API services and use them, you have to have OAuth application registered. 

Please, read this guide if you do not have one, yet.

How to get a token: 

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dimensionsarray of stringsnoArray of comma separated dimensions, such as ["campaign", "banner"].
filterfilter objectsyesApplies filters to the request. Date filter is required in every request.
includeRowCountbooleannoIncludes row count for a result set. It could be used when navigating through results when paging is applied. Default value: false.
includeTotalsbooleannoIncludes totals for all requested metrics in the response. Default value: false. 
metricsarray of strings or objectsyes

Array of comma separated metrics, such as ["impressions", "clicks"]. Spec details can be specified for metrics.

pagingpaging objectsnoPagination mechanism to retrieve specific page and specified number of rows per page.
sortsorting objectsnoSorting parameters to indicate dimension or metric and order direction for the returned data.




Included in Response



columnHeadersalwaysarray of strings

Lists dimension names followed by the metric names. The order of dimensions and metrics is same as those specified in the request through the metrics and dimensions parameters. The number of headers is the number of dimensions + the number of metrics.

rowsalwaystwo dimensional array

Data rows, where each row contains a list of dimension values followed by the metric values. The order of dimensions and metrics is same as specified in the request. Each row has a list of N fields, where N = the number of dimensions + the number of metrics. Dimension values are of a string type, while metric value is a number.

totalsdepends on query property valuearray of numbers

Total values for the requested metrics. The size of this array is the same as column headers array size. The array contains numbers for metrics and nulls for dimensions. The order of the metric totals is same as the metric order specified in the request.

Totals are calculated for a whole result set, it is not affected by paging parameters. 

If no stats exists for the specified request, the array is empty.

"includeTotals": true 

totalRowCountdepends on query property valueinteger

The total number of rows in the query result, regardless of the number of rows returned in the response. For queries that result in a large number of rows, totalRowCount can be greater than pageSize specified in query paging property. See Paging for more explanation.

correlationCodealwaysstringA unique code for reference of the response.

JSON Sample


   "filter": {
      "date": {
         "from": "2015-10-01",
         "to": "2015-10-20"
   "dimensions" : [
   "metrics": [


  "reportData": {
    "columnHeaders": [
    "rows": [
  "correlationCode": "ext_4aabad83-7848-4c12-ba72-9aeca3be4139"

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