Right to Insights (GDPR)


The Right to Insights service is used to get cookie information associated with Adform cookieID.

In order to call the GDPR API, you need to be logged into the Adform system and authenticate with OAuth 2.0 by providing its access token in HTTP headers. 

For a full authentication flow, please refer to our Authorization Guide.

List of methods

Available from 2018 May 25th.

  • Order insights: https://api.adform.com/v1/privacy/gdpr/rti/data

A data request is made by calling the POST method endpoint and providing Adform cookieID list in JSON format. There is a 10000 cookieID limit per one request. Please make another request if the maximum cookieID limit is exceeded. The endpoint returns Operation-Location and OperationID information which is needed to get a result file.

  • Get a result file: https://api.adform.com/v1/privacy/gdpr/rti/operations/{id}

Make a call to the GET method endpoint with an OperationID. This endpoint will provide status information and return the result file location in the response header when status is "Completed".


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