Publisher Cross Advertising

Please note that Adform API supports no more than 10 requests per minute.


Open Direct Publisher Cross Advertising API allows publisher to create orders in Automated Guaranteed via IAB Open Direct compliant API.
Orders and lines are reviewed in Automated Guaranteed and than can be pushed and managed in publisher ad servers.


  1. Automated Guaranteed should be enabled for a publisher account.
  2. Permissions to API access should be granted.

Contact for further information and help.

List of services

  • Marketplace API - Lists publisher's products. Also can list underlying placements; it works only with publisher ad servers that have a concept of placement.
  • Order API - Covers full order life cycle, including availability check and management of organizations, accounts, orders, lines, creatives, and assignments.
  • Targeting API - Allows fetching existing targets from publisher ad servers and Automated Guaranteed. Obtained values that can be used in Order API with lines and availability requests.

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