Reporting Stats Service


Reporting Stats API returns report data consisting of statistics derived from the data collected by the Adform tracking code. Each report is organized as dimensions and metrics. Metrics are the individual measurements of user activity on your property, such as impressions, clicks and conversions. Dimensions break down metrics across some common criteria, such as campaign or line item. When you build a query, you specify which dimensions and metrics you want in your report data.

Currently, one workflow of Reporting Stats API is supported:

List of services

Request structure

Response structure


  • In every request, date period filter and at least one metric must be specified.
  • A maximum number of 8 dimensions and 10 metrics can be queried in one request.
  • Paging is applied for the results.
ServiceDate rangeNumber of dimensionsNumber of metricsMax rows per pageDefault rows per page

​Reporting Stats API (asynchronous)

397 days back from today8 dimensions10 metricsUnlimited*100 000

*Unlimited response syntax:

   "paging": {
      "limit": 0 // 0 for unlimited response


Daily exceeded quota is reset after 24 hours from the first request (e.g., if the first request is made at 10:00 AM, 13/11/2017, the daily quota is reset at 10:00 AM, 14/11/2017).

Quota limits specific to Reporting Stats API applies to all users within one agency:

  • 10 requests per minute;
  • 500 requests per day.


10 requests per minute
500 requests per day
GET requests per minute
GET requests per second

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