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More detailed explanation on how to create rotators and setup targeting can be found on our help center rotators section (requires to be logged-in).

Rotator Management service allows you to manage and create rotators and their attributes. This service supports random, sequential, A/B and optimized rotators and they are stored at campaign level so multiple tags can be created for them.

Note that Rotator Management API is expecting a user-generated UUID for rotator and its members so please plan your integration accordingly. For testing purposes you can use any of the available online UUID generators.

Before creating a rotator, you need to create banners for all rotator members. Please refer to Banner Management Service for more information.

• Please note that IP targeting should only be activated for IP addresses and/or IP address ranges relating to companies or for de-identified IP address pools. Please consult your legal department before activating IP targeting for IP addresses relating to individual persons.

• Please consider carefully before targeting against gender and age. For instance, it is inadmissible in various jurisdictions to advertise employment opportunities only towards a specific gender or age groups.

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