Ticket Authentication for Buyers & Sellers

Ticket Authentication method is being replaced by OAuth Authorization.

All new API users must have OAuth application registered.

Read more here.


In this section you can find information how to get authorization token that is used to access Adform Buyer Side API services. 


    To use Adform Agency(Buyer) side API services you need to have:

    • Adform Agency Account
    • A user with enabled External API module.
    • OAuth application registered (read more here)

    To use Adform Publisher(Seller) side API services you need to have:

    • Adform Publisher Account
    • A user that has access to Stats & Reports over UI (then API access is on by default)
    • OAuth application registered (read more here)

    In case you need to create a new Adform account:

    Please note that password requirements for API usage are more stringent and it must contain:

    • At least 6 symbols
    • Both uppercase and lowercase letters
    • Both letters and numbers
    • At least one special character ("&", "?", "!", "/", "*", "$", "#", "+", "-", "@", ":", ".", ",", "_")
    • No repeating symbols 

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