Ticket Authentication Guide

Alternatively to OAuth, you can work with ticket-based authorization. In other words: to log in via username and password.

Please note that OAuth Authorization replaced Ticket Authentication method as a better-secured option. So all new API users must have OAuth application registered (read more here).

However, please read this guide if you’re using ticket-based authorization.


To use Adform Agency (Buyer) side API services you need to have:

To use Adform Publisher (Seller) side API services you need to have:

  • Adform Publisher Account.
  • A user that has access to Stats & Reports over UI (then API access is on by default).
  • OAuth application registered (read more here).

To use Adform Audience Base (DMP) API services you need to have:

  • Adform Audience Base (DMP) Account.

In case you need to create a new Adform account:

Password Requirements

Please note that password requirements for API usage are more stringent and it must contain:

  • At least 8 symbols
  • Both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Both letters and numbers
  • At least one special character 
  • No repeating symbols 

List of methods


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