Release Notes





August 2nd, 2019

Reporting Stats API

To support targeting on Lookalike and Cross-device cookies in segments, we have introduced two new metrics:


  • DMP Lookalike Extension Cost which shows total lookalike extension cost that was spent on DMP Lookalike extension data to win an impression in RTB.
  • DMP Cross-Device Extension Cost which shows total cross-device extension cost that was spent on DMP Cross-Device extension data to win an impression in RTB.


June 11th, 2019

Ad Tags API

To ease tag management for all line item types, we have introduced new Unified Ad Tags API.



April 1st,

Master Data Export

After the release, Master Data files can be sent to your Amazon S3 and/or SFTP servers in addition to the existing method of download via API.



November 28th,

Reporting Stats API

With the addition of a new metric – Measurable Rate (%), you are able to evaluate the campaign traffic by its measurability rate. It is calculated as the percentage of measurable impressions in relation to rendered impressions.



November 5th, 2018

Reporting Stats API

For asynchronous Reporting Stats API, the date range is extended from 12 to 13 months. So, you are able to get data for longer periods of time, as well as prepare reports for the full year.

Please note that it applies for asynchronous Reporting Stats API only. Date range for synchronous ones remains 12 months.



October 18th, 2018

Reporting Stats API

To increase a transparency, we have introduced a new metric – Eligible Impressions. It counts the impressions which have been fully rendered on a client side.



October 10th, 2018

Master Data Export for Publishers

Master Data is a service for the clients who are analyzing the transaction data (also known as "raw data") gathered by Adform with their own Business Intelligence tools.



October 5th, 2018

Reporting Stats API

With introducing Winning Price Type metric, users who are selling their inventories via SSP are able to identify with which price type an auction has won. So, it will help them to optimize their strategies and prices.



August 16th, 2018

DMP Audience API

We have introduced Data Types to label and sort audiences by their data source (1st, 2nd or 3rd party data).




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